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Wine Storage Guidelines
  • Structure of Alcohol

    Derived from the fermentation of grape, wine sometimes also used some other fruits. The main feature of the wine is fermented directly from fruit without distillation. Alcohol concentration usually ranges from 8-18 degrees.

    Wine has 4 main components: tannin, acid, glycerol (Con) and taste.
  • How to storage wine

    Grape wine is not like to the other drinks. It is a special drinks and constantly evolving over time.

    Storing and preserving wine properly will create the perfect taste and value for each bottle.
  • Selection criteria liquor cabinet

    If you want to buy wine storage cabinets, you need to estimate the number of bottles that you take to preserve and also doubling up to get the size of a closet you should buy (because you will increase further in your collection than 2, even 3 times in the future).

    The Wine Fridge minimum capacity of 12 bottles and nearly two hundred bottles for wine collectors.
  • Advantages of the product line Kadeka Wine Fridge

    Heat and light are the natural enemy of wine, in order to storage wine, we need to pay attention to light and temperature.
    When the wine in contact both factors are not controlled, the age of the wine lost rapidly, losing the fresh and the taste of alcohol.

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