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Advantages of the product line freezer Kadeka

          It is an indispensable item in the store operations daily food. Refrigerators and freezers can be found in most stores, groceries, restaurants and households. How to choose refrigerator and freezer in accordance with the needs and preserve quality assurance?

As brand from Japan, freezer Kadeka introduce product line diversity freezer, designed to suit different needs of consumers.

1. Anatomy – Technology

           Kadeka uses two materials to make the indoor unit:

- Freezer aluminum frame
          This is a popular cabinets on the market today. With cooler material aluminum cabinet is operating at maximum power, cooling, deep stable. However, the cooling rate while using longer.

- Freezer choir
           Material used to produce the copper cooler. With the use of ensemble cabinet ensures rapid cooling, deep, stable and durable than the aluminum frame. Therefore, the price of the product using the choir usually higher than the aluminum frame uses the same capacity.

          Using technology R134a refrigerant (gas does not cause ozone layer), freezer Kadeka cooled to - 18 ° C. 2 separate freezer compartment (1 stop east, 1 compartment cooling) with winter temperatures - 18 ° C and freezer temperature 0 ~ 10 ° C.

         Temperature control unit with 7 steps outside temperature, enabling users to dynamically change the temperature to suit the purpose of use. Outside freezer compact design, elegant white color. Design freezer with sliding glass door at the top. Above the door is open to flip fitting door handles, locks, hinges sure, insulating parts sophisticated design and match play has helped open doors easily just avoid heat loss. Cabinet equipped with drainage features behind.

         Products Kadeka user friendliness, ease of use and minimal power consumption during use solution

2. Diverse product line

         Depending on the purpose and need for the customer to have the choice of two technologies. Kadeka produce freezer with multiple product lines to serve many different purposes:

       + Product line double doors (one stop east) include:
          Product lines compartment - Aluminum material: KCFC - 280SA
          Product lines compartment - Copper material: KCFC - 350SC, KCFC - 400SC

       + Product line double doors (one stop east, 1 compartment cooling) includes:
          Product line two compartments - aluminum: KCFV - 280DA
          Product line two chambers - the material: KCFV - 280DC, KCFV - 400DC

         With a volume of 250 liters stretches - 340 liter freezer Kadeka products are suitable for households, restaurants, small kitchen for food storage operations.

         Specially designed with a freezing compartment, but there are two doors, enabling users to easily open the freezer door cabinets without worrying too heavy. Users get the necessary products, but  they do not need to open every door of the freezer. Thus, it minimizes the amount of cold air escapes, electrical energy consumption.

3. Power Save

          As a commodity consuming more power because of the level of regular use 24/24. Therefore, if you use the product too much power will make your home electric bills spike, especially those customers wishing to open the door repeatedly, causing loss of heat.

          Freezer Kadeka with modern technology, the power consumption is only from 1.03 to 1.28 kWh / 24h (for the freezer has a capacity of 350 liters) - This power is calculated as the average capacity cold, re-cooled for 24 h. If calculated by the electric current of about 1,200 contracts, one day a Kadeka freezer consumes 1,236 contracts - 1,536 contracts. A month family costs about 37,080 to 46,080 VND for electricity. Thus, if used freezer Kadeka, long gradually users save a lot of costs for electricity.


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