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About us

KnK Vietnam Co., Ltd formerly known as Vietnam Capital Marketing is a subsidiary of Capital in Singapore - the exclusive distributor of Kadeka products in Vietnam.

Kadeka includes two main products:

1. Kadeka  premium wine chillers

Kadeka wine chillers  are  specifically designed and meticulously with advanced features to ensure the wine is always kept in the best condition, retains the taste and aroma of the wine.

Advantages of Kadeka wine chillers:

- 3-layer glass doors UV:  Maximum protection

- Beautiful design, extremely luxurious with a stainless steel shell

- External panel extremely convenient for adjusting the temperature inside the store. It also does not compromise on the quality of the wine.

- Function key and vibration

Kadeka is the perfect solution for wine storage and for connoisseurs as well.


2. Kadeka premium chest freezers

Advantages of Kadeka chest freezers

- Temperature digital locking handles with lights inside

- Delivers up to -18 degrees after an hour of use and after 4h reach -25 degrees.

Kadeka chest freezer is perfect for bulk storage - to keep food fresh last longer.

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